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12 OCTOBER 1492
Christophorus Columbus. He like event because had a melenita the sea of monkey.
On 30 June 2013 the Argentinian Government ordered to remove the statue of Cristóbal Columbus situated from did decades behind the Pink House.
And on 11 November 2018 to the 12:00 of the midday remove to another Mr. Cristóbal in Los Angeles.
And in Granada, the day that fulfilled 34, put him a good pollón in the front.
(They say that it is the same,
But to me no it looks it to me)
And only a month after it took place the small incident of the polla, to this same, disguised it of "Indian".
And on 12 October of this same year to the monument to Columbus that there is in Valladolid, and that gives name to the square in which they put it, threw him red painting.
Also they threw him eggs.
“It is that they do not know to respect at all?”, it asked a middle-aged woman while it saw how an operario of the service of cleansing of the City council treated to remove the rests of painting of the sculptural set.
Luck that always there is somebody that comes and clean.
And who know if to call the attention of hordes of tourists or to compensate so much barbarism iconoclast, the alternating spokesman of the delegation of majority in the Senate of the municipality puertorriqueño of Arecibo, Ángel ‘Chayanne' Martínez Santiago, has said that is studying the possibility to build an area of rest from where can visualise the impressive Monument to the Admiral Cristóbal Columbus that began to build in 1991.
In March of 2016 Felipe and Leticia are invited to be the godfathers of tamaña sculptural exploit taking advantage of his visit to the country. They called by telephone to the kings so that they cut the tape. Alas this never occurred -at least that we know- and finally the statue was inaugurated without being able to to have the presence of our monarchs, although the visit that had programmed to Puerto Rico himself that took place.
(To save me the tuning of centre of aesthetics that accompanies to the video of the official visit, prefer to reproduce it without sound and accompany it with the audio of east another video)
Luck that always there is somebody that comes and clean.
The attendant to design the work that our kings never inaugurated was the Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli and, to be able to do an idea of the envergadura of the memorial statue, would suffice with knowing that if somebody situated to a metre of distance and began to look it from the base, would take, visiting it to the detail with the view, 45 seconds until arriving to the most move# away extreme of the sail of the ship on which cruises Mr. Cristóbal. The same that would take this person in doing the identical route if it situated to a metre of distance of the Edifice Columbus situated at the end of the Promenades of Barcelona, and began to look it from his base until the ceiling of the restaurant that there is in his terrace where a steak of beef with sauce of mushrooms costs €65 VAT incluído.

And that, obviously, is very pegadito to Cristóbal that put in 1888 in Barcelona.
His 110 metres situate to the edifice Columbus Barcelonan in the place 7 of 81 of the ranking of the tallest edifices of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. The same 110 metres that situate to the above-mentioned statue designed by the Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli in the fifth place of the ranking of the biggest statues of the world.

In the second place of this ranking is the Buda of the temple of Spring that is in the county of Lushan in China. It measures 154 metres, weighs one thousand tonnes and cost more than 18 million euros.
The distance among the soil and the nail of one of his fat toes is the same that the half height of any one of the tourists that visit it each day. The more bajitos have to be aupados to achieve touch the base of the nail of the fat toe of one of his feet.

I expect to not to forget me never of the day that fulfilled 34. It was in the beach with some friends. We buy beers and some floats.
They came the children of my friend Lucía; his daughter calls like my mother and his son calls like me.

Of this day expect to not to forget me never. The problem is that, in spite of having a melenita the sea of monkey, never achieve to agree me of the day in that Mr. Cristóbal went down of the ship.
Of this date never agree me and that and no the another is the one who goes in in the examination.


The best to travel is to see as to this young receptionist does not square him your reservation in his staff. His toes with nails esmaltadas teclean very fast trying averiguar what spends. His face no inmuta. Only the eyes draw lines of text that do not sound. The reception is empty of people. I go visiting from time to time to my cases while the musical thread of welfare begins to slacken my musculature. The shirt of the girl is perfectly ironed and his slopes go to set with the handkerchief of silk that have put him in the collar. In his head rebounds the sun that goes in by the walls of crystal. It has to be very exhausting undo daily of the 250mg of brillantina that holds his combed. Somebody would have to say him that it smile a bit more, his teeth are beautiful. Descuelga The telephone, marks a short number and raises the toe of the hand that remains him free, nails his gaze in my eyes and whispers “a moment” without hardly move.

It has arrived the director of the hotel. Never it had imagined a so young girl directing a hotel. It has to have the same age that the receptionist but looks a lot of elder, as if the charge that has gave him years of more giving him respect and authority. It hails me very cordially and holding the hands says me: “we have suffered a small unforeseen in the plant 2, the one of his room. We do not communicate him at all because it was foreseen to resolve it this morning. We did not want to feel dizzy him. Still like this, the technicians have not solved the failure of water, is graver of what expected, and have all the plant paralysed.” My expensive focaliza in the mouth of this woman asking after me what has a voice so ronca. It would have to go to the foniatra or to the logopeda, can not mentir to the people with a voice so ronca. “Feeling it a lot of and knowing that this could spend, if it looks him well, will do a transfer of his reservation to a hotel that is to 150m of here. It is a hotel of four stars and the service is a marvel. We will not modify the price of his reservation and you will be able to enjoy of better conditions. they are expecting Him In reception."

So my cases and I sack us of the receptionist with perlas in the ears and of the director of the voice ronca. Goodbye. We walk 150m until the following hotel. In these metres review the tale that have counted me. "Of where you come so exhausted?" It looks me one of the best tales that have counted me to justify an administrative problem and to undo with glamour of a client when the hotel is in overbooking and you have accepted more reservations of the rooms that have. “they are expecting You, I already have solved it everything.” “The hotel to the that direct you is better that this, please, do not fill any leaf of claim or put us negative commentaries in TripAdvisor.” The smiles and the irons pay the good commentaries. Also the candies in hollows of crystal and the coffees free.

Sure enough, in this hotel are expecting me with difficulty in reception, have the check-in ready and a very young youngster Latin American asks me permission to go up my case shattered by the stairs of marble and clean carpet. My case does not go to set with this space, therefore I reserved in the another hotel. In reception, while the Latin youngster disappears with my case, a gentleman (quite main) revises quickly that my DNI square with the personal data. It nods, it give my carné and rushes configuring this electronic card that has spent already by more than 1200 hands.

Third plant, room 325. The boy is expecting in the door with my case and expensive of tiredness. It opens me the door with his magic card and invites me to go in. I spend I first, he comes behind. It leaves the case in the entrance, sacks amiably and goes . The door closes carefully, any noise can impact in the cleansing of the new space that smells to desinfectante and ambientador concentrated. The temperature is too tall, has to be difficult adjust all an edifice diáriamente with the fast that change the temperatures nowadays in this city. With the perfect fold of the bedsheets have achieved that it forget me that I am not in the place that reserved. I hang my jacket inside the cupboard. I never do this, but here looks me all more ordered like this. Everything indicates that the only place where can leave my jacket in harmony with the interiorismo of the room is inside the cupboard. I seat me less soiled doing things of rich people like saving the jacket of €20 secondhand in a cupboard. The bed of marriage is perfectly parallel to the wall of the window and the curtains semiabiertas invite me to discover which landscapes hide behind them. Obviously, at all surprising. The window gives to an inner yard that have embellecido with plants giving him like this appearance of orderly jungle, of vegetation cuadriculada, of garden in a yard.

In the bath rest correctly distributed the potecitos of personal cleansing: 75mg of liquid product for the cleansing of the peel, the body and also for the hydratation post shower. I do not have very clear that the gel and the shampoo are not the same. To his side, the towels with a note impresa that informs on the good use of the water and of the service of lavandería. “It leave his hanged towel if it wishes reutilizarla. It leave his towel in the soil for a new.” In which moment asks me to my like client that abandon the privilege to have it all clean and new putting by in front the crisis of the drought and the responsible consumption of the water? If really you want to involve you in the impact of waste and costs that generates your hotel limits the temporalities of the showers and do not leave option to the change diário of the towels. But you do not do me think that am deciding it I.
SOLAR cream
Living room OF THE TOURISM



Expo Stones

This stone comes from of the basement of the Holy Family. I collected it in the year 2013, I were 19 years old. It went with my family, was the fulfils of my father and give him a visit guided by the interior of the temple. I had many win to visit the basement, had read that at the beginning of his construction, to start with to use it, the basement used like morgue: they accrued all the bodies found in the city by murders, suicides or others. Had understood that in his alone moment was opened for the familiar of the died that they wanted to identify the body, but arrived a point in which they opened it to the public, imagine that to take him benefit. The bodies were separated of the visitors by a big crystal that occupied all the space, and the most curious is that they planted the bodies in some gravestones of white colour looking to the spectator. They count that after an uprising could spend until 40.000 visitors by the morgue; it became a tourist attraction more.
When arriving to the temple darse that the access to the basement was not allowed, but if you are a bit espabilada is easy colarse. I began to go down by corridors relatively modern until I arrived to the crypt, where ramificaban some stairs that went down downwards. I found me an enormous space, with very little light and columns that crossed all the room. It was soiled and smelt to humidity. A lot of echo and afterwards silence. They had some corners in ruins, had desmoronado part of the wall. I gave me a walk by the space and when seeing that there was not trace of the famous morgue, decided to go back up. But before I took a stone of the a lot of among the ruins and dipped it to me in the pocket.
This is a trocito of my identity. In Tarragona have many of these (the majority of them in the field). This specifically have said us that it is roman, Roman of the Romans no of the people of Romania. I say that they have said us because 60 years ago anybody knew the important that was. It is yellow, sandy. When it gives him the light of the evening takes a colour indescriptible. This colour is my identity.
Surely, 2000 years ago, this formed part of the terracings of the circus of a big empire. It felt the culo of some human aroused by the horses or perhaps by the aurigas (that they are the gentlemen that drove the carts). Surely, it spent thousands of years among powder and ruins. Surely it raised a house, went a trocito of wall of a house (or of several). Surely calcinó. Surely his size has changed, with the clear years, with the use and with the lives. Surely somebody fell and struck with her.
This, no say it to him to anybody, but has escaped . To his others can contemplate them and observe among grilles (have put a very big fence to his around). A project quite guai has recovered these ancient terracings, that now give to a placita. But after 5 years in works and with the busy square, go and only leave them to us look. Now anybody can seat.

This is a shit.
Taking advantage of the scale in Iran, in the distance Barcelona- Malaysia, visited to my fellow Zahida, correspondent of the newspaper The World. We did not have long to be joints but could teach me a part of his village. Before arriving to his house, go through a field of football, all sand, and saw that there was a lot of stones in the soil, of a very looked size the ones to the others. Zahida Saw that it looked the stones and said me: they are of a lapidation that there has been this morning. I spent me three of memory.
ON SALE stones
This stone was in the stomach of the dog of Francesco Maria della Rovere, nephew of the pope Julio II. Here it is a painting of him, here his dog. This trip by the stomach of the dog of Francesco Maria removes him to the stone 75% of his value leaving it to €7.531,87 by the corrosion of the acid of the stomach of the dog.
To continuation, can observe a picture of Vittore Carpaccio of the 1510, where appears the dog in question.
The most ancient particles found in this stone date of 1285 to.C. And it suspects that it belonged to Ramsés II what means that (only for suspecting) for the British the stone costs €15.000 of entrance.
The second more ancient particles found in this stone coincide with the elements of the walls of Troy. By his small oval form and his light weight, considers that it was used in the war of Troy and therefore it marked of blood on the 1190 To. C., which does it an impure stone, and this subtracts him 25% to his value remaining in a total of €12.750.
The following particles more ancient detected in this stone coincide with the powder found in the hands of Rómulo under the wolf and with the hand tended. By this motive the stone ascends to a quantity of €3.012.750.
This stone was launched to Jesus of Nazareth in the year 33 D.C. It is by this motive that the low stone his value 99%, remaining in a total of €30.127,5.
This stone starred the French Revolution together with 856.493 stones more. For being a stone fraternalista ascends his value 500% doing a total of 4.5191,€22.
This stone sold like coal for one of the ships of John Elder & Co. Of Glasgow, Scotland, and arrived to America in 1886. A doctor finds it and invents with her the Coca Tail. So his value ascends to 80.000 million euros.
 This stone is of the Earthquake of Bali (Indonesia, September 2019).

Price: €9.000
 This stone is of the Tower 2 - World Trade Center (New York, 11 September 2001).

Price: €50.000
 This stone is of the andxhumación of Francisco Franco - The valley of the Fallen (Madrid, 24 October 2019).

: €30.000
This stone was veteran of the Vietnam and now is president of the United States. His price is of €0 and offers reward to the one who want to remain it. - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat

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